What’s In My Gym Bag (And a Bit of My Fav Sport Brands)


Hello! I’m such a bad blogger, I know. But having to work at day time, study & attend graduate school every night and weekends is kinda tough T,T . But I definitely do make some times to exercise/workout 4 times a week average, from 6 to 8 am. Now I finally got through my final exams, so it’s time for loads of writings! :D
At the gym I regularly use the weight machines, the weight training area, TRX, and I also join classes like Muay Thai, BodyJam (dance) and BodyCombat (‘martial-arts’-choreographed aerobics). I’m not a runner, and I don’t do cycling nor serious yoga/pilates at the gym, so I hope you understand why I don’t find that I need those tight pants or leggings. And just to let you know that I don’t bring any towels because I can easily rent them for free at the gym hehe. So here we are, let’s see what’s on my gym bag.

(will be updated with more photos soon!)

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I share this based on my personal experience and personal preference only.
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