Brand: Wardah

[Review] Wardah: Eye Shadow Trio – A, D, F, G, J

For a person who doesn’t use sparkly eye shadows for daily makeup, I have too many eye shadows. Blame my love for colors for this irony, hehe. I have 9 trios, 2 quads, 3 single eyeshadows, and 2 medium palette :P I only use them for special occasion, and I really need to stop buying more of them because I’m not a makeup artist lol. Anyway for today I want to share a review of 5 Wardah eyeshadow trios. Wardah is a local Indonesian brand that (I think they) really success in promoting their products as a Halal makeup brand. Their image brand really bonds with fresh and young moslem women. Moreover, when people are talking about halal makeup, the first thing that pops out of their heads is Wardah, ALTHOUGH there are lots of other halal makeup brands such as Sariayu, PAC, La Tulip, etc. So, is it a Yay or a Nay?

I really wanted to try Wardah since their commercial were very tempting lol. You need to look at these photoshots and tell me how lovely the atmosphere are. Wardah has wide range of pastel-peach-pink lipsticks and they are indeed very pretty! I had 2 of them to try, but unfortunately the lipsticks were drying my lips so I had to let them go :( Well you know the difference between ‘matte-finish’ & ‘chapped lips’ don’t you? For some people it may feel OK because it contains Jojoba Oil, vit. e and stuffs but it chapped my lips anyway. So my curiosity landed on their eye shadows.