Brand: Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown: Natural Beauty

ModelKarma Bobbi Brown

If I can fall in love with one particular makeup brand, I would definitely fall for Bobbi Brown. I believe she has awesome makeup products that works wonders however, the thing that I appreciate about her (the most) is the idea of how she define beauty: it’s about being yourself and looking like yourself. Being a natural beauty, and that spells: Bobbi Brown. Do you know that moment when a makeup artist beautifies your face and your friends were like, “Wow you’re so pretty I don’t even recognize you!” Of course they say it as a compliment. But they just didn’t realize that for some people (like me) it can also be heard as,”You look like somebody else who is prettier. Well obviously because you don’t look like yourself.” Oops. I know they didn’t mean it that way, but that’s just kinda how I felt about it. So sometimes, I honestly don’t know how to respond to that ‘compliment’ haha. It actually happened on my graduation day. At that time I can simply put a ,”thank you so much”, but later on I decided to learn how to do my own makeup anyway. Especially for those occasion where women are encouraged to put on some color on their face (at a friend’s wedding, cousin’s wedding, etc). Yeah if you’re about my age, and you live in Indonesian culture where a wedding usually invites hundreds of friends and relatives (I’m talking about 800-ish invitation) and your parents wants you be dressed up and be pretty and everything, you’ll understand what I mean :P

Okay back to Bobbi Brown. I found most of beauty youtuber that religiously use Bobbi Brown are women in their late 30s to 50s. Maybe because most women in this category are more likely to embrace their natural beauty rather than having fun with colorful makeups which teens and younger adults usually do. Idk, what do you guys think?^^. BUT, looking at BB’s price tag, it is totally make sense that not everybody afford such high-end makeup products, especially younger people. Although isn’t as pricey as Tom Ford or Charlotte Tilbury, BB is still one of the brands that cost a lot of money.

Favorite Bobbi Brown Lip Products

Now let’s talk about the products. Everyone loves the Gel Eyeliner and Shimmer Brick, Wayne Goss loves the Foundation Stick, Lisa Eldrige loves the Pot Rouge, Essiebutton loves the blush, bb cream, lipsticks, concealer, and probably pretty much everything haha. For me, since I’m all about the bass lipstick, the first thing that I tried from BB are the lip products :D