Brand: Bioderma

[Review] Bioderma: Sensibio H2O

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Things have been going on a lot lately. I’m no longer a freelance photographer and my schedule will be like everybody else in Jakarta: going to the office at 6 o’clock and being home again at 6 o’clock in the evening~ So, I’m not sure I’ll be able to update my blog everyday T_T maaan, I love blogging..

Anyway, I went to Guardian near my house a few weeks ago. I was looking for Cottage Argan Oil Shower but they were still not yet on stock. So I looked around and surprisingly I saw that all of the Bioderma products were on sale! Well it’s only 10% off, but… gosh… nowadays every single thing gets more expensive in a matter of months. So, getting 10% discount is okay, because maybe they’ll rise the price again next month. whatever.
Back to my story :P I saw Bioderma was on sale, that reminded me that I was running out of makeup remover. Yes, I forgot that I wanted to make a review of Wardah vs MakeOver makeup remover T_T they’re already empty by the time I went to Surabaya. So, I’ll make a review of Bioderma Sensibio instead :”)

A few months ago I had tried a sample of Bioderma Sensibio H2O and that tiny amount of ‘water’ was begging me to buy the full size. And I just… can’t… say…. no! XD So, by the time I emptied my previous makeup remover I can’t resist to grab two bottles of Sensibio H2O.